Pro3 Automation strives to be an industry leader in the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition [SCADA] field. Our mission is to provide our customers with leading edge technologies, precision design and trouble free implementation of control systems. We work with our customers to develop systems that will meet their requirements and needs.

With over 20 years of experience in engineering, design and integrating control and data acquisition systems, consultants from Pro3 Automation have assisted our customers in developing new systems, and upgrading or replacing older systems.

Pro3 Automation looks forward to being part of your next project development team!

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Pro3 Automation works in a number of popluar industries:


  • Oil and gas: The oil and gas industry is the life blood of Kern County, and Pro3 Automation has the knowledge and expertise to help our customers automate their fields and processes! From programming to testing to data tracking and reporting, we can help you get your processes under control and your data to your desktop!

  • Water: Water is a necessity that we cannot go without. Anywhere people live or gather, water is a must have! Pro3 Automation has the know-how and skill to keep your water processes running smoothly and keep the actual water flowing!

  • Power: Pro3 Automation has experinece in solar, steam turbine and wind turbine power production, and can assist you in keeping your power process in good running order. Aside from programming, we can also help with yearly instrument calibrations, SCADA and reporting needs.

  • Food: Another highly automated industry, Pro3 Automation can help you keep your production lines running smoothly, as well as assist with the installation and programming of new production lines. Our SCADA and reporting expertise can help assure you stay within state and federally regulated guidelines.

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PROJECTS (Ongoing and Recently Complete)

Cayucos Sanitation District, Lift Stations

Located on the central coast of California Pro3 Automation helped the Cayucos Sanitation District organize their data by tying in several lift stations into SCADA allowing the monitoring and recording of important information. To maintain the pristine coastal views sites were brought into the network via a secure, cellular VPN so as to avoid radio antenna. All cellular devices maintain the important "first responder" status, critical for a city service like sanitation and when fully completed the entire SCADA system will be centralized via Ignition at a new water plant. Utilizing Ignition will not only give the district the ability to view their control system over a range of connected devices, but will also enable them to send alarm and event notifications via text message or email, making their operators aware of situations as soon as they happen.

West Kern Water District, CVC Flow

For years the West Kern Water District in Taft, CA has had to have its operators manually check the totalizer on their water input to the Cross Valley Canal, a canal vital for moving water through the Central Valley. Pro3 Automation was able to help eliminate the manual reads and provide them with extra data by installing a PLC on-site and tying it into the network via ethernet radio to another nearby well field. The PLC, POE enabled switch and POE enabled radio are powered by a small solar system, also installed by Pro3 Automation. Consisting of a battery and two panels the system is large enough to power the site and send data back to their Ignition system. Using the PLC they now also receive total flow for the previous two days, a running total and total flow time for the day, all of which is integrated into their existing reports via Ignition.

Kiani Preserve, Ongoing

Pro3 Automation continues to help Kiani Preserve with their water monitoring, an important requirement in the state of California for any business using this precious resource. Pro3 Automation has installed additional flow control hardware in the form of valves and meters, as well as having programmed a scheduling system that allows the customer to control when and how much water will be delivered to their vineyards and fields. Control of the scheduling system was integrated into their current Ignition application and can be changed and monitored both locally and remotely by ranch hands with proper access rights, and by the ranch manager. With the state become increasingly demanding with how water is being used this system is critical in allowing precise monitoring and use of water.